What the Woobs? - Check out our story.

In the beginning, there was

Woobs has a Finnish small business founded in 2014, from Turku, Finland. The first sunglasses collection, which included a total of three different models, was launched in summer 2015. That's where the Woobs story started. Over the years, the collection has expanded extensively, but those first-model sunglasses are also part of our Basic collection.


Sincethen, we have had a very clear vision of what kind of brand Woobs is and what kind of vibes the products want to evoke. One of the most important things is that the product is of high quality, ecological and fashionable. The basic idea has been that the products are simple in design, but contain interesting details that add extra spice to the products.


Woobs is first and foremost a fashion brand whose design philosophy is based on the idea of slow-fashion. The idea is to acquire only long-lasting, high-quality and time-resistant fashion, not forgetting ecology! We love the natural nuances of wood, and for this reason, too, we use only real wood in all our products. We try to avoid the use of plastic until the very end. We want to develop and offer new products according to the demand and wishes of our customers. We are always very taken with positive feedback (we also value honest feedback as well as product development suggestions). Our mission through our products is to create positive energy and delight the everyday lives of both their users and the people around them. We want to make the world a better place, one product at a time.


Woobs' ideology includes the manufacture of long-lasting and timeless products, which it is hoped will be used hard! Social and ecological responsibility is taken into account in Woobs' operations in many different ways. We want to offer our products at a price that would allow anyone to acquire Woobs. We are aware that some of our products are manufactured in China, which can be a risk country from the point of view of responsible production. So we have ensured that wooden workshops that manufacture our products abroad have the necessary certificates so that no one suffers because of Woobs' products. We want you to be sure that the products you are carrying have been manufactured and transported responsibly and ecologically. Here is more product-specific information on sustainability and eco-friendliness:


Our watches are designed in Turku, Finland, and manufactured in Shenzen, China. The clocks come from either Switzerland or Japan. Our partner has a SCS global Responsible Wood certificate and an FSC 100% certificate. The certificates guarantee that only wood from the forest, which has been cared for by nature, the environment, workers and indigenous peoples, is used in our watches. Our partner Qima has conducted an ethical audit in 2019, for which the paja has received a rating of 9/10. The audit criteria include: Pay, working hours, waste treatment, hygiene and safety.


Sunglasses and eyeglasses

Our sunglasses are manufactured in Wenzhou, China. Lenses for sunglasses arrive from Italy, Germany and China, depending on the lenses. All lenses with strengths are honed at the Turku Lens Workshop. Since the lenses of eyeglasses and strong sunglasses are sanded in Turku, and more than 50% of the value of the product is created in Finland, these glasses of ours would also receive the Key Flag symbol. However, for the sake of transparency, we have decided not to use the Key Flag symbol for our glasses, as the frames are not manufactured in Finland. Our partner has SCS global Responsible Wood certificate and FSC 100% certificate. The certificates guarantee that our sunglasses only use wood from a forest that is managed with nature, the environment, workers and indigenous peoples in mind.   

What else?

We want to pay attention to responsibility throughout the product's life cycle, i.e. also to parts other than manufacturing.

  • We encourage the repair of a broken product, which increases its service life. Woobs has a repair service and we are more than happy to repair our products to increase their age!

  • Inventory management: we do not order our products in large quantities at once, but according to demand, which means that waste is the minimum. We place pre-orders for products so that the number of products ordered meets the demand. We minimize the amount of plastic in our products. Our packaging is made of recycled materials, easy to recycle and as small as possible so that material is not wasted.

"Woobs is a way of life."

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