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Wood material
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Wooden glasses, for the most important moments of your life.

When you want to order glasses with your own intensities, add frames and lenses for the same order. With the lens product, you can download your eyeglass recipe. We prepare the lentils according to this recipe. The lens selection can be found here.

The most important moments of our lives are experienced every day. People, places and situations change, but there is one thing that rarely changes: spectacles.
They form their own kind of 'trade mark' for each person through daily use and go with them everywhere. 

Only in those rare times when spectacles are replaced is due to their final breakage or the need to update lens strengths. 

Have you ever dreamed of a down-to-earth but practical style in glasses? Do you want a natural and individual edge with small details?

Juva is streamlined and smooth in design, but the angularity of which brings suitable edging to everyday life. Juva is natural and warm in colour, where small details bring depth to the frames. 

Silmälasiemme valmistamiseen käytetään vain parhaita raaka-aineita ja ainoastaan 100% FSC-sertifioitua puuta: niiden luomiseen ei käytetä muovia tai muuta materiaalia. Jokainen pari on tästä syystä hieman erilainen ja jokainen on ainutlaatuinen <3

• Voit vaihtaa linssit myös jälkikäteen helposti meidän kautta.
• Kestävä ja kevyt muotoilu: kaikki kehyksemme painavat alle 20 g.
Saranat on suunniteltu niin, että lasit istuvat päähäsi mukavasti ja kevyesti kuitenkaan putoamatta.

When you want lenses with your own intensities, we use the best lenses on the market! Lenses are manufactured by Italian LTL. The lenses are ordered from the factory and sanded in Turku to fit the frame.

Cr39 material is used as lens material.

Since we only use the best lenses, our lenses are already coated with dirt repellent, anti-reflection and hard coating.

Read more about our lenses!

Juva | Wooden spectacles


Frame: Wood, Aluminum

End of sanga: Cellulose set-up

Width A 143 mm
Nose bridge B 13 mm
Aperture C 35 mm
Frame Width D 56 mm
Frame height E 43 mm
Lens width F 53 mm
Lens height G
38 mm
Sanga's length 144 mm
Model JUVA

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