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    Unique, ecological and fashionable wooden sunglasses that are super comfortable to wear.

    Woobs is first and foremost a Finnish fashion brand, whose design philosophy is based on the idea of slow-fashion.

    We only ever source long-lasting, non-toxic, certified and top-quality materials that do not harm our environment. While we stick to our values, you can concentrate on what's important - "to be awesome"!

    Thanks to continuous product development, Woobs wooden sunglasses are unquestionably the best wooden sunglasses in the world.

    Sunglasses today are definitely much more than just sunglasses. We have increasingly seen that sunglasses are about telling a story, showing emotion, protection and differentiation.

    At Woobs, we want to encourage every user to be their wonderful self. Although times are not easy, we want to maintain a wide range of sunglass models, because only then can we offer customers the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. In the future, we will offer even more and more daring and bolder sunglass models.

    We focus on making the best sunglasses in the world from the highest quality materials.

    We take great pride in our products, which is why we always back our Woobs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of Woobs, you can return your order to us for free and receive a full refund. All our wooden sunglasses also come with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. You don't always have to buy new sunglasses either, as we also offer a service for Woobs. 

    High-quality materials ensure a stunning user experience.

    All Woobs sunglasses feature super high quality polarised UV-400 lenses, protect the eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays and improve visibility by reducing reflections and contrast for example, while driving a car.

    The sunglasses come with a cork protective case and a microfibre liner.

    Because Woobs are handcrafted from real wood, each product is unique in its own right. The sunglasses contain no toxic carbon fibre or processing agents.

    Woobs is a way of life, ta new addition to the family🖤

    Take a better look at the story of Woobs sunglasses.


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