Eyeglass lenses with strengths – Undigested
Eyeglass lenses with strengths – Undigested

Eyeglass lenses with strengths – Undigested

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Bluestop Coating
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When you need lenses for your glasses at your own intensity, this product is the right choice.

Lenses our manufacturer is a Finnish hideout. Lenses are key flag products.  Read more about concealed lenses.

Finnish optics know-how and modern technology guarantee high-quality lenses. The lenses in the hidden set have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The 100% satisfaction guarantee of the lenses means that if you don't like the lenses, we will prepare them for you again. For us, the most important thing is that you get the best possible lenses for your use.

Since we only use the best lenses, our lenses are already coated with dirt repellent, anti-reflection and hard coating.
Cr39 material is used as lens material.

You can also choose lenses with a Bluestop coating. Read more about the Bluestop coating here.

Read more about our lenses here

Single power lenses can be obtained by the following folding factors:
1.5 = un thinned lens.
1.6 = 1x thinned lens.
1.67 = 2x thinned lens.
1.74 = 3x thinned lens.

It is a good idea to reserve two weeks for the delivery of solar and eyeglasses with intensity.


If you want lenses in multi-power, please contact our customer service.


If you want eyeglass lenses that darken under UV light, please contact our customer service.

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The right of return does not apply to made-to-order products such as lenses. The lenses are covered by the satisfaction guarantee.

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