It's Mayhem Wooden Sunglasses

    Dispatched within

    It's about to begin!

    It's Mayhem collection will be filled with never-before-seen wooden sunglasses, Woobs.

    It's been a really hard year for all of us. We wanted to implement a collection of sunglasses, which we threw doubts and cautions into the Aura River when designing it.

    In the past, we have taken the golden middle ground and often wonder "I wonder if these are too brave". 

    It's Mayhem collection is something completely different. We were wondering if the world was going to end in this collection, at least we'd go out in style!

    We will start pre-selling the collection, so please check the model information to see if it is a pre-sale or if wooden sunglasses can be found directly in stock. In the product information, we indicate the estimated delivery date. Please note that the apocalypse is coming, so the delivery date may change. In the event of this, we will notify you by e-mail.

    Templates are added as the delivery schedule is confirmed for that template. So stay tuned!

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